Support Definitions

The support definitions below offer a concise overview of the topics covered by the various support plans. It does not attempt to provide a complete overview of all issues covered. X/OS provides support services on a best-effort basis.

  Workstation Server
  Basic Standard Basic Standard Premium
Hard Drive Partitioning
Hardware Configuration
X Window Configuration
Printer Configuration
Update Instructions
Kernel Configuration and Customization        
Software RAID      
Network Configuration
Remote Terminal Access
Network based Installations      
Dial-in Access Server        
X Terminal Server        
Web Server    
Mail Server    
FTP Server        
DNS Server    
HTTP Proxy Server      
DHCP Server    
NFS Server      
Samba Server      
LDAP Server      
Kerberos Server        
NIS Server        
High Availability Clustering        
Shell and Perl Scripting        
System Backup      

1-8-2011 - X/OS has moved!

X/OS has moved to a new office, but stays at the Amsterdam Science Park.