Fair Use Policy

Deployment of X/OS Linux is not tied to mandatory subscription or licensing fees — unmodified copies of the X/OS Linux binaries may be redistributed and used freely. The costs of a fixed-price support agreement are determined by the number of systems reported by the customer. X/OS agrees to deliver support based on this number and in accordance to this Fair Use Policy, given an accurate assesment of the support requirement. For example: It may make sense to purchase support for production servers, but not for testing or development systems.

In the event that the number of support requests substantially exceeds the average, then the customer will be given notice to increase the number of supported systems. Likewise, if the technical issues raised with our support team are beyond the scope of the support agreement, an alternative plan will be advised. X/OS may terminate the support agreement if customer fails to remedy this situation within 30 days after receiving written notice — in which case X/OS will issue a pro-rata refund.

1-8-2011 - X/OS has moved!

X/OS has moved to a new office, but stays at the Amsterdam Science Park.